The Gancho of Marjon Reinders

In ‘The Gancho of Marjon Reinders’ the dancer tests the Gancho with several dance partners on music of Carel Kraayenhof and at a concert of Caramba in café Hofman.

Bezig met laden...

Is the Gancho a cocky men’s dance move that came from the Gaucho’s who danced the first steps of the tango on their cowboy boots, once they stranded on the outskirts of Buenos Aires when it became illegal to wander around the pampas endlessly? Or is ‘El Gancho’ the weapon of women in cabarets and brothels, who flirtingly challenged their partners while giving them a little kick on the bum with their high heels to see if their pockets would rattle with coins?


Marjon Reinders looks into the role of the Gancho within tango, the dance move she named her tango school after. Bandoneon player Carel Kraayenhof is her companion on this quest, for which he created a special composition.


Marjon’s ‘El Gancho’ gained some fame in her 20 years. She is proud to have introduced tango in Utrecht together with her dance partner Mark Soekarjo. We see how Marjon and Mark teach tango in her studio on the Moira building on the end of the Plometorengracht. During a weekly tango session in café Hofman on the Janskerkhof the couple gives a performance on the music of Utrecht based band Caramba.

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