The bended lines of Sybold van Revesteyn

‘The bended lines of Sybold van Revesteyn’ pays a tribute to the architect by a small homage by Antoni Folkers and an interview with Ravesteyn himself.

Bezig met laden...

Van Ravesteyn was given the task to recreate Utrecht’s Central Station in his own style, after the devastating fire of 1938. Nevertheless it was destroyed later to make space for shopping mall Hoog Catharijne. It is the destiny of a successful architect for the Dutch Railway: those beautiful stations never lasted. One of his last projects, Rotterdam Central Station, was also replaced by something new. The only remaining Ravesteyn projects are the conference hall on the Kromme Nieuwe Gracht and his house on the Prins Hendriklaan.


Van Ravesteyn’s style was succesfl and had a non-Dutch allure. His best work from the 1930-ies, among which Utrecht’s Station, was characterized by a combination of clear forms, fluid lines and sober but yet striking decorations. Today, only a few remains of his Station in Utrecht remain.  


Fellow architect Antoni Folkers, our guide in this film, works on a building in Utrecht, inspired by Van Ravesteyn’s architectural ideas. He takes Van Ravesteyn’s work as a guideline and adds his own ideas to it. In Almelo he also designed a building created in the same style: he strives for sustainability and quality, respect for the surroundings and buildings next to it and prefers ‘warm’ materials and forms.


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