The travels of Ingmar Heytze

In ‘The travels of Ingmar Heytze’, the poet tries to enlarge his environment as much as he can.

Ingmar Heytze

Heytze (Utrecht, 1970) is both a poet and performer. In the short film, his travels end in the centre of Utrecht with a performance during Museum night, together with his colleague Tjitske Jansen. They love to do this and are quite successful, but as a result of Ingmar’s fear of traveling they don’t do it often and mostly in Utrecht.


We also see Ingmar inspecting the difficult destruction of the bunker on the end of the Nieuwegracht. It is so perfectly camouflaged that most inhabitants of Utrecht don’t even know if its existence. After that, Ingmar visits Dolf Zwerver, an Utrecht based painter he admires intensely and with who he shares the same vision when it comes to art: art van perfectly be understandable and recognizable. That doesn’t mean it is simple and without a deeper message. It is actually this artificial added ‘deeper layer’ that often makes modern art indigestible for the average audience.


Heytze: “ There was a dispute with poet Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, who accused me and other poets of writing way to simple and accessible poetry. That our work was plain and superficial. Like people who think that Dolf’s paintings are to easy because of their recognizability. That is a wrong observation. It ignores the inner imaginary world of the artist”. Heytze and Jansen talk about their upcoming performance in tearoom Rhijnauwen. He tells us about his fear for traveling. The landscape surrounding the river Kromme Rijn –where he drives his motorcycle to overcome his fears- reminds him of Dolf’s paintings.

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