The consolation of Gijs Hendriks

In ‘The consolation of Gijs Hendriks’ the Utrecht based jazz musician explores his borders together with organist Berry van Berkum as they play and compose together in the Dom Church.

Bezig met laden...

The world of Hendrik’s youth is shown in archive material from Wijk C, a more deprived neighbourhood of Utrecht. Hendriks is inspired by music, jazz in particular, from a young age. He still lives in Wijk C today, but his music has brought him in touch with different people, artists and intellectuals who visited the jazz basements in the sixties.  


Hendriks is quite negative about Utrecht’s jazz scene today. He plays more in Amsterdam these days. Hendriks: When I had been playing fro forty years, we celebrated. Anton Geeskink was there too and told me: “Gijs, I’m also from Wijk C. It is very unusual that inhabitants of Wijk C are successful in society. They have a language gap and will say whatever they think. It is a burden, you will keep all your life.”


Playing both saxophone and clarinet, Hendriks has created a whole new style and idiom which gave him success in the Netherlands and abroad. He refuses to solemnly base his music on American development and gets inspiration from European music sources. Like this, he always creates new musical ways.


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