The strolls of C.C.S. Crone

In ‘The strolls of C.C.S. Crone', interviews with his son Frans, his sister Mies and illustrator Peter Vos are combined with archive material, creating an image of the work and life of this Utrecht based writer.

Bezig met laden...

For fans like illustrator Peter Vos, Crone’s books ‘The festive life’ and ‘Music over the water’ were the best published works during the interbellum.  


Crone was a known stroller. Together with his son Frans and other relatives we follow his footsteps on these strolls, illustrated with sound fragments from his work. The film focuses on the loose notes Crone used tow write on in order to compose his books. This method was essential for his way of writing, but also caused him to stop writing.


No-one ever described Utrecht in the thirties so clearly as C.C.S. Crone. On his boys’ room without heating on the Van der Duijnstraat he wrote the majority of his small oeuvre. His son Frans: ‘He still lived with his parents at that time and only made some money with writing translations and reviews’.


Poet Jan Engelsman, Crone’s uncle, was at first not so impressed by the young writers aspirations. “You don’t know much about life, why this need to publish? I don’t want to impediment you, but you should be patient. Go back to school and learn Greek and Latin until you drop. If I have time I will pass by your parents to have a talk”.

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