Bezig met laden...


Idea behind the series

We film the artist –and others related to the artist- in the part of the city that is most important to him or her. A tour through the city is created by history, daily images, archive images, the imagination of the artist and other associative images. Combined, they create ‘filmed poems’ reflecting the essence of the artist’s work and his/her relation to the city.


The interaction between the main characters and their environment is documented, thus creating connections between various very different artists, with a diversity of opinions and experiences. The films combined create a cultural map of the city.


In all episodes, even the ones on relatively young artists like Heytze and Franciscus, archive images of the city are mixed with contemporary images. It is precisely this combination that characterizes the series. It makes sure that the younger artists are being placed within the rich cultural tradition of the city.



Work in progress

The scripts for the unfinished films are based on conversations with insiders, professionals and thorough research on the topic. Yet, the script always leaves space for the unexpected, they direct without being too directive. When filming, we work from the premise, but there is always room for improvisation.


The story of each film gets its definitive form in the process of editing. We continue the approach in the first set of films, in which we combine archive images with our shots, with the objective of creating a poetic reality. Like Nico de Klerk wrote in the Fund’s yearbook of 1997: “ With an accessible amount of consistent used images, more than just factual connections can be created.”


The films are shot in a longer period of time in order to get images from different seasons, with a variety of colors that show the city, the artist, and his art in all its varieties. With this approach, we can look back on, or film important events in the artist life during a longer period of time.




Production of the series was started in 2009 and since then, one film of the series has its premiere on the Dutch Film Festival each year in September. In 2010 it was Dick Bruna, in 2011 Robbie Cornelissen and in 2012 it was ‘In Praise of Ceramics’, about an artwork created by several Utrecht artists together.


In 2013 we plan to release the three last films, during the celebrations of the ‘Treaty of Utrecht’. By then, both the series and the website will be available in Dutch and English and form an important attribution to publicity for Utrecht.